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We must pray Allah to help us to implement our project then we request the kind-hearted rich to stretch their helping hand towards our great tasks. The help of some kind-hearted donors covers our monthly expenditures of the college but still there is a shortfall, anyone who wishes to participate in donating towards the expenditures of the college and is willing to accept multiple rewards are most welcome.

Total monthly expenditure including foods, staff salary and minor employee’s salaries are more than USD.4,500.00 A small fraction of this is recovered from the students. Therefore, on the whole we depend on the generosity of our well wishers and for the survival of this college and please contact the management to give your donations.

How can you help?

You can select your own option of a donation from the following list:

You can sponsor

  • The entire project.
  • A specific part of the project
  • Sponsor A student or member of staff.
  • A whole month expenses.
  • A whole day expenses.
  • The payment of utility bills.
  • Donate food, medicine, clothes, books, etc.
  • Donate a lump sum.
  • Donate by monthly standing order.

The above are to raise funds for the college. Many have joined this program and regularly contributing their Donations. Also we appeal you to choose an option and join this program or to encourage some one to join and support this worthy course.


Al Khaleej Ladies Arabic College

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