Eglish Language

AL. Hajj MLA. Mohamed Ashraff
Justice of peace (whole Island)
BA,PGDE, English sp Trd., Dip in English (DETE),
PGDM, Sworn Translator.

It gives me a great pleasure to give a message to this institution AL – KHALEEJ LADIES ARABIC COLLGE. We are very happy to present the new course of study for the English Language Learning. The world is undergoing a rapid Scientific Advancements. As a result, the objective of the introduction of English at this College is need to upgrade the new objectives of Education toward the scientific Advancements to achieve the vision of Sri Lana “A society which could meet the scientific Challenge of the world by 2025”.

It is my belief that there is no single “best” way of teaching a foreign Language and it does not have to proceed by the same path, whatever the objectives and circumstances of the Learning. It is a pragmatic business and we should judge it accordingly. The Aim of thins Institution is try to establish what there general principals in English teaching and learning are by looking first, at the nature and the usage of the Language learning and finally at the way in which external factors can effect by Language teaching and learning.

I mean both second and foreign languages teaching and learning, and I intent the learners to be understood the language.

I address myself to all who have interest in language learning, but one eye is firmly on language learning in teaching. I assume No, previous knowledge of English learning, but the training here will be with greatest understanding by those with a knowledge of recent developments in Language teaching.
“ May the Almighty Allah shower upon his choicest blessing to all of us”