Programs & Courses

Al Khaleej Ladies Arabic School has been proudly providing the unique and innovative education system among island wide. It has transformed the students towards the path of Islam with the modern systematical education systems as well know there are no man can be completed without a better education which is necessary for a human civilization.

It’s the rare opportunities where do the Arabic Colleges provide entire school education systems such as O/L, A/L, and technical studies but Al Khaleej Ladies Preliminary Arabic School has done it. Al Khaleej makes the students intelligent and innovative with the help of Almighty Allah and eventually, the students will be talented to study their higher educations on a Sri Lanka or abroad Universities in Islamic or Arts faculties because our students are ours and it’s our responsibility to make them the leader of the society.

Al Khaleej is still working on a mission to place its name on the first Islamic education provider in Sri Lanka you can see the targets on our future mission page. It is never ever ending.


  • Al- Quran
  • Thafseer
  • Fiqh (Law of Islam)
  • Aqeedah (Islamic Article of Faith)
  • Hadees
  • Luga (languages) Arabic Tamil Sinhala English Urdu
  • Nahu (Grammar)
  • Thajweed
  • Tharikh (Islamic History)
  • Manthik (Logic)
  • Ilmul Aklak (Philosophy)
  • O/L Syllabus

Other Activities / Training available for Students

  • Home Science
  • Tailoring
  • Handwork / Creative Art
  • Tharbiyah (Future Family Life)